From the Bench

Dear parents: I want your kid to fail

Yes, you read that right. I want your kid to fail. Specifically, I want your kid to fail in basketball, and the earlier he or she can start failing, t... more »

Taking a look back

How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? As the season ends, it’s time to look back and evaluate your program. I tend to break t... more »

Letters to live by

You may have heard the phrase "words to live by," used when someone says something particularly profound. But when it comes to communication in our ba... more »

Seven strategies to a long-term coaching career

Coaches that reach longevity in coaching have learned to deal with stress, obstacles and implement improvement strategies. Using Andy Carrier’s expe... more »

1-on-1 with skills guru Ryan Goodson

Since 2009, Goodson has traveled worldwide and trained more than 15,000 players from the youth to the professional levels. He even worked with two-tim... more »

11 myths about free-throw shooting

College teams average about 68 percent and professional players are all the way up to a whopping 72 percent. That means that there is only about a ... more »

‘Fanorak’ Promotes Fan Attendance

Athletic director Ryan Anderson has big, interactive ideas about growing high school fan support. And with the help of a few of his students at Menomo... more »

Training Never Ends

Across the country, countless players have been putting in work to prepare for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, coaches are eager to see how all the pi... more »

Preparing for end-of-game situations

Nothing is more agonizing for a coach than to see a lead disappear and then have what seemed like certain victory turn into a gut wrenching defeat in ... more »

Managing the final minutes with a lead

Sooner or later every team faces a single "moment of truth." A close game a slim lead a minute on the clock and possession of the ball combine to c... more »

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