From the Bench

1-4 High Zone Offense Forces Baseline Defenders Into Tough Decisions

This is a simple but highly effective zone offense run out of a 1-4 high set. The main objective is to force the back-line zone defenders to make some... more »

Effective 1-2-2 Offense Spreads The Floor With Constant Motion

IN RUNNING THIS high-powered 1-2-2 man-to-man offense every player gets a chance to play every position on the floor. This is especially effective for... more »

Shooting for success during the offseason

I've seen many summer program workouts that specify an amount of shots each player should shoot. Shoot 100 threes, 20 jump shots, 20 jump shots off ... more »

Match-Up Defense 101: Teaching Implementing A Swarming Match-Up Zone Defense

THE PREMISE OF a match-up zone defense is to manipulate the opponent into executing its zone offense versus — for all intents and purposes &mdas... more »

Lightning fast layups

6 Basket Layups(Involves layups dribbling reverse pivots and conditioning): Players line up near the basket with a ball. As the first player dri... more »

Pirate Continuity Offense: The Scourge Of Defenses

THE OPPORTUNITIES CREATED by our Pirate Offense allow us to maximize our team's strengths and put opposing teams in situations that are difficult to d... more »

Versatile Press Breaker Thwarts Zone or Man-To-Man Press Schemes

Our team has recently started using a press breaker that is successful against all types of presses zone or man-to-man. This press breaker not only ge... more »

Box-Set Side Out-Of-Bounds Series

The following are four sideline inbounds plays run out of a box set that have been extremely successful for our team."Carolina"DIAGRAM 1: Carolina. 4 ... more »

Power post-up man offense leads to high-percentage shots

The following man-to-man offensive series is designed to provide good post-up opportunities for players 3, 4 and 5. It's an extremely effective serie... more »

Building The Perfect Arc

Next time all of your players are in the gym watch them as they shoot around. Don't look at their mechanics but rather look at the arc of their shot. ... more »

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