From the Bench

Box-Set Side Out-Of-Bounds Series

The following are four sideline inbounds plays run out of a box set that have been extremely successful for our team."Carolina"DIAGRAM 1: Carolina. 4 ... more »

Power post-up man offense leads to high-percentage shots

The following man-to-man offensive series is designed to provide good post-up opportunities for players 3, 4 and 5. It's an extremely effective serie... more »

Building The Perfect Arc

Next time all of your players are in the gym watch them as they shoot around. Don't look at their mechanics but rather look at the arc of their shot. ... more »

Two Basketballs Are Better Than One

Coaches Stress Running drills under game-like conditions to develop strong habits. I completely agree with this rationale except with ball-handling dr... more »

Critical lessons for beating the press

No matter the opponent, take time during every practice to work on beating the press. At some point, in almost every game, your team will be confronte... more »

Shamrock Zone Offense Unlucky For Defenses

The Shamrock zone offense is an effective series for when you want to move the ball around quickly find holes in the zone get the ball into the low po... more »

Time-Tested Rules For Defending Screens

Most motion offenses today include a variety of picks (screens) to free the ball or players to the basket. These screens include 1) on-the-ball screen... more »

Set plays proven tips to keep defenses off balance

We've developed A system for naming our set plays against specific defenses and situational inbound plays — both side court and under the basket... more »

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