From the Bench

Critical lessons for beating the press

No matter the opponent, take time during every practice to work on beating the press. At some point, in almost every game, your team will be confronte... more »

Shamrock Zone Offense Unlucky For Defenses

The Shamrock zone offense is an effective series for when you want to move the ball around quickly find holes in the zone get the ball into the low po... more »

Time-Tested Rules For Defending Screens

Most motion offenses today include a variety of picks (screens) to free the ball or players to the basket. These screens include 1) on-the-ball screen... more »

Set plays proven tips to keep defenses off balance

We've developed A system for naming our set plays against specific defenses and situational inbound plays — both side court and under the basket... more »

Preparing to coach an inexperienced, bad team

If you're coaching for very long, at some point you'll probably coach an inexperienced, bad team. One of your greatest challenges as a coach is to ... more »

Properly developing player leadership

Vince Lombardi once said, "Leaders are made, not born." In our program, we believe this statement and work hard to put it into action. The most imp... more »

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