1-2-2 Match-Up Zone Creates Turnovers & Changes The Tempo

Trapping Out Of 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone

Trapping from the 1-2-2 match-up zone is an important part of this defense’s success. The following four diagrams show the movements needed to trap in four scenarios.

1-2-2 Match-Up Zone DIAGRAM 9: Short-Corner Coverage. We make it a point always to trap when the ball is entered into the short corner. In this diagram, 5 is in the short corner and has received a pass from the wing. X3 and X5 trap 5. X1 moves from the point to cover the ball-side wing while X4 takes the high post. X2 roams in the lane.

1-2-2 Match-Up Zone DIAGRAM 10: Corner Coverage. In this trap, X1 and X3 trap the ball in the corner while X5 fronts the post. X2 rotates and covers the ball-side wing. X4 covers the middle of the lane.

1-2-2 Match-Up Zone DIAGRAM 11: Wing Coverage. Designate that you only will trap the left side or the right side, or you only will trap the wing at certain points in the game to keep the offense on its toes. In this instance, the ball is passed to the left side. X5 comes up from the post to join X3 in a trap. X4 moves across the lane to cover 5 on the strong block. X1 takes away the reverse pass by staying at the top of the key. X2 roams in the lane.

1-2-2 Match-Up Zone DIAGRAM 12: Point Coverage. If a substitute point guard comes into the game for the offense, this is a perfect trap to use. X1 and X3 trap the point guard. X2 takes away the strong-side pass. X4 and X5 roam but protect the basket. X4 and X5 need to anticipate where the ball is going by watching players’ eyes.

Coverage Drill

To practice players’ coverage within the defense, as well as to work on your offensive players’ shooting, try this coverage drill. The drill features four shooters around the perimeter and three defenders.

1-2-2 Match-Up Zone DIAGRAM 13: Coverage Drill. Your three defensive players must cover all four shooters spaced around the perimeter. The defensive players win if they get four stops in a row and the offensive players win if they hit three, 3-point shots in a row. All offensive players are allowed to crash the boards but must take the ball back beyond the 3-point line. This drill can go for awhile, which works on the stamina of all players. Be sure everyone is hustling to get the most out of this drill.

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