Offense Defense


Break-Identification Drill

This drill helps a team in transition identify mismatches number advantages and defensive trailers. There are five offensive players set up in a half-court defensive position and a coach with a basketball positioned somewhere near them on the perimeter. The rest of the team (Xs) is standing behind the sideline on the far end of the floor with another coach.

Diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: To start the drill the coach shoots (intentionally missing) and the players on the court grab the rebound throw an outlet pass and begin transition the other way downcourt.

As the ball is being rebounded the coach who is with the sideline players sends 1 to 5 defensive players out on the court to defend the oncoming fast break. In this diagram example the coach has sent two defenders out.

Diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: The other three defenders cannot come out on the floor until the player with the ball has crossed half-court. You must really vary the numbers of players who come out to defend the break and also vary how hard to make the rebound carom as these are critical components that may change the way the fast break is run.

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