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Breaking News - June 2012



Minnesota, Tubby Smith Close To 3-Year Extension 6-28-2012
Legendary Ohio High School Coach Dies At 67 6-28-2012
Longtime Basketball Coach Beats Cancer Twice 6-27-2012
Illinois Basketball Coach Fills Out Staff 6-27-2012
Calipari: SEC Could Send 7 Teams To Tourney 6-26-2012
Legendary Coach Markey Dies At 76 6-26-2012
Jeremy Lin To Coach Summer Basketball Camp 6-25-2012
Philippines Congress To Honor Erik Spoelstra 6-25-2012
Coach K Expects LeBron To Play With Olympic Team 6-21-2012
Middle School Coach Charged With Having Relationship With 15-Year-Old 6-21-2012
LSU Hires Patrick As Assistant Coach 6-20-2012
Auriemma Says Lawsuit Won't Become A Distraction 6-20-2012
Dunlap Hired To Lead Charlotte Bobcats 6-19-2012
Riley Wins Award For Lifetime Achievement 6-19-2012
Dunlap Hired To Lead Charlotte Bobcats 6-19-2012
Big 12 Coaches Pleased With NCAA Changes 6-18-2012
Notre Dame, Brey Near 10-Year Extension 6-18-2012
NCAA Allows Unlimited Texts And Calls 6-15-2012
Mets To Honor Coach For Battling Cancer, Broken Neck 6-15-2012
C-USA's MacLeod Becomes 3rd Women To Serve On Men's Hoops Committee 6-14-2012
8-Time State Champion Coach Forced To Resign Due To Political Career 6-14-2012
North Dakotans Vote To Remove Fighting Sioux Nickname 6-13-2012
Hornets Coach Preaches Defense At Summer Camp 6-12-2012
Auriemma Faced With Harassment Suit 6-12-2012
AAU Implements Historic Child Protection Measures To Ensure Safety Of Youth Athletes 6-12-2012
Coaches Say 'Schools Of Choice' Program Hurts Communities 6-11-2012
'Dream Team' Film To Highlight Coach Daly 6-11-2012
Knox College Has Hope With New Recruits 6-7-2012
Former Badger Uthoff Transfers To Iowa 6-7-2012
Fahey First Division III Coach In Women's Hall Of Fame 6-6-2012
Former Stanford Star Madsen Returns As Coach 6-6-2012
Coaches Pleased With New NCAA Contact Rules 6-5-2012
Coach K Building A Leadership Legacy 6-5-2012
Contest From Spalding To Bring Pro Arena To Fan's Driveway 6-4-2012
Basketball Coach Helps Prompt NCAA Investigation 6-4-2012
Auriemma Prepares Women For Olympics 6-1-2012
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