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Breaking News - October 2011



Illinois Wesleyan's Smith To Coach Through Breast Cancer 10-31-11
A&M's Billy Kennedy Diagnosed With Parkinson's 10-28-11
No Pauley Pavilion This Year, UCLA Begins Season In LA Sports Arena 10-27-11
Sue Donohoe, Credited With Growing Women's Game, Resigns From NCAA 10-27-11
Michigan State To Wear Camouflage Jerseys For Opener On Aircraft Carrier 10-26-11
Study Shows Lace-Up Ankle Braces Prevent Most Acute Ankle Injuries 10-25-11
Cal's Mike Montgomery Given Clean Bill Of Health After Surgery 10-25-11
HBO Documentary About St. Patrick Hoops (N.J.) To Air Tuesday 10-24-11
Coach Accused Of Biting Student's Face During Fight (VIDEO) 10-21-11
Basketball Coach Accused Of Trafficking Student For Fundraising Purposes 10-21-11
Youth Coach Fires Gun Shot At Player's Father 10-20-11
Auriemma Not A Fan Of Notre Dame Football 10-20-11
H.S. Coaches In Virginia Can Work With Players Almost Year-Round 10-19-11
Nationally Ranked H.S. Coach To Battle Cancer From The Bench 10-19-11
Court Upholds $1 Million Judgement Against U Of Minnesota, Tubby Smith 10-18-11
Izzo Enters Midnight Madness In Replica Fighter Jet 10-17-11
A&M's Billy Kennedy Taking Medical Leave From Program 10-17-11
The Idea Of An ACC Pod System Makes Coach K Want To 'Vomit' 10-14-11
Auriemma To Receive Wooden 'Legend Of Coaching' Award 10-13-11
Former Valpo Hoops Coach Homer Drew, Wife, Both Diagnosed With Cancer 10-12-11
Crean Wants Knight On Indiana Campus For 25th Anniversary of 1987 Title Team 10-11-11
Izzo Family Donates $1 Million To Michigan State Athletic Department 10-11-11
Iowa State's Fennelly To Undergo Treatment For Throat Lesion 10-7-11
Calipari, Derrick Rose Settle Suit With Memphis Fans For $100K 10-7-11
Pat Summitt Excited To Be Back At Practice 10-6-11
Bill Russell To Sue NCAA 10-6-11
Lipscomb To Name Court After Legendary Coach Don Meyer 10-5-11
Temple's Fran Dunphy To Shave 40-Year-Old Mustache In Honor Of Player's Graduation 10-5-11
Del Harris Named Coach Of Texas Legends 10-4-11
Texas H.S. Coach With More Than 700 Wins Passes Away 10-3-11

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