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Posted December 6, 2016

'Ridiculously simple press breaks' crush opponents

By Mike Tedor, Proviso West High School, Park Ridge, Illinois

Coaches sometimes out-think themselves when it comes to beating pressure defense. We've decided to go the easy route and have devised our "ridiculously simple press breaks." They are effective against zone defenses and are easy enough to install into any offense that even entry-level and youth coaches can use them.


DIAGRAM 1: Press Break 1 (A). 5 passes to 2 or 1 (2 in this case) and steps inbounds. If 2 or 1 aren't open, 3 breaks to the top of the key for the pass. 4 breaks to the basket.


DIAGRAM 2: Press Break 1 (B). 2 reverses the ball through 5 to 1. 1 takes the ball up the middle or up the sideline depending on the defense. If 2 can't reverse the ball, 1 cuts to the middle to "Z" the court. 3 either is a safety pass or breaks deep once the ball is moving up the court.


DIAGRAM 3: Press Break 2 (A). Another option when breaking a press is to set up as shown with 4 and 5 at the elbows and 1 and 3 at midcourt.


DIAGRAM 4: Press Break 2 (B). 4 and 5 make L-cuts. 2 passes to either 4 or 5 (5 in this case). 1 cuts to the top of the key in the backcourt to provide help. 2 curls into the area vacated by 1.


DIAGRAM 5: Press Break 2 (C). 5 passes to 1 at the top of the key. 1 either dribbles up the middle or passes to 2 or 3. If 3 does not receive the ball, he goes to the basket in the far right lane.


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