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2-Man Break

By Patrick Dugan, Head Coach, Homer Central High School, Homer, N.Y.


THIS DRILL IS DONE simultaneously on both sides of the floor.

Shooting Line

  1. The player dribbles to the elbow and shoots a jumper, then gets to the free-throw line extended for the outlet pass.
  2. Outlet—show the outside hand and turn outside once the player receives the ball.
  3. The player must dribble full court to the opposite elbow and pass to R for layup.
  4. When the ball returns to the free-throw line, the player passes for a layup and v-cuts to the opposite elbow for a jump shot.

Rebounding Line

  1. The player rebounds the shot and then outlets to S.
  2. The player sprints down the floor through the hash mark for a layup.
  3. When the ball goes back to the free-throw line, the player must jump stop, pivot outside and pass back to elbow for jumper.

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