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BONUS DRILL: Circular Layup Drill

By Denny Van Sickle, Head Girls Coach, Onsted High School, Onsted, Mich.

THIS IS A GOOD drill to use before starting the second half since it packs a lot of activity into a short time.

Our team has 12 players and we use three balls in the drill. The diagram below shows the drill running in a counterclockwise direction, but it can be reversed, in which case B and D would switch jobs.

Diagram 1

Line A. This line has three players, each with basketballs. They form the shooting line.

Line B. All the extra players are in this line, which feeds new players into the drill. B’s job is to pass to A, then go to position C.

Line C. Players here receive a pass, deliver a pass and move to Line D.

Line D. Players here receive a pass, then pass to the shooter, follow the shooter to the basket and get the rebound. They then take the ball to the end of line A, where they will become the shooter when they reach the front of the line.

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