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Featured play: '20 series'

This series is run from a 1-2-2 set with the top two players lined up wide at the foul-line extended. 1 brings the ball up as 5 downscreens for 3. 3 uses the screen and pops out to receive the pass from 1.

5 breaks up from the low block and sets a backscreen for 1. 1 makes a UCLA cut toward the basket. After setting the screen, 5 releases to the top at the right lane-line extended and receives a pass from 3.

3 breaks down and sets a screen for 1, who curls off the screen and pops to the wing area. 4 flashes into the lane. 5's options are to pass to 1 first, then look to hit 4 flashing in the lane or kick it to 2 on the weak side.

If the pass goes to 2, 3 breaks to the top of the key while 5 cuts toward the basket. 2 looks to hit 5 as he or she flashes to the basket or feeds 4 in the low post. If nothing is available, 2 can pass to 3 on top and reset the offense.

Mike Mohler, formerly of Allan Hancock Junior College, California

20 series
Posted from: Coach Mo, 4/21/13 at 6:08 PM CDT
We run something very similar to this. That reversal and the post seal will be there. It's a good offense.
Posted from: Max, 3/18/11 at 11:56 PM CDT
great motion
Posted from: Ralph, 3/17/11 at 12:50 PM CDT
This offense really impresses me for several reasons. It provides simple, effective motion with a variety of screens and cuts, excellent shot selections, and could be used with a smaller lineup as well because of position locations and non-sterotyped options. I am really anxious to experiment with this offense at the high school level, and if there should be a breakdown, a team could go right into a standard motion offense for that ball possession.

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