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Basketball Play of the Week

Multiple Post-Up Set

This is a box-set play that provides post-up opportunities for 5, 4 or 3. 1 dribbles to the left wing while 3 sets a backscreen up the lane for 5. 5 uses the screen and breaks to the ball-side low block. 2 pops wide to the weak-side corner. 1 looks to enter the ball in to 5.

If 5 isn't available, 3 pops to the top and receives the pass from 1. 4 breaks down the lane line and sets a downscreen for 2, who uses the screen and cuts to the weak-side wing. After setting the downscreen, 4 flashes into the lane. 3 looks to hit 4 for a shot in the lane.

If 4 isn't open, 3 passes to 2 on the wing. As the pass is being made, 4 breaks up and screens for 3, who uses the screen and breaks to the ball-side low block. 2 looks to hit 3 for a post-up opportunity on the low block.

Keith Cooper, Head Men's Coach, Winning Hoops Editorial Advisory Board,
Saint Martin's College, Lacey, Wash.



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