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Videos: Oregon City Girls High School Basketball

Editor-in-Chief Michael Austin attended five practices and five games in a 15-day stretch during the post-season of the Oregon City High School (Ore.) girls basketball team. Oregon City has won 11 state titles in its history was ranked No. 1 heading into the 2012 Oregon 6A (largest schools) state tournament. Oregon City coach Kurt Guelsdorf provided unfiltered access to the details of his practices, assistant coaches' insights and the players.

Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Full-Court Pressure

Oregon City plays a highly active, disruptive, intense full-court defense. When the team builds a large lead, head coach Kurt Guelsdorf has to decide when to pull back the pressure. Find out at what point he drops back into a half-court defense.

Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Game Management

Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf doesn't substitute his players during games - he leaves that responsibility to his top assistant. This allows him to focus entirely on game flow, mismatches and on-court strategy.

Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Sharing The Ball

Players in the Oregon City system do a fantastic job making the extra pass. Hear how coach Kurt Guelsdorf encourages this practice and how his players are the ones who deserve the credit.

Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Practice Plan

Your practice plan changes on a daily basis. Find out what Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf runs through during practice the day prior to a game.


Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Keeping Injured Players Involved With The Team

Don't let a season-ending injury ends a player's off-the-court season. Kurt Guelsdorf keeps his injured players actively involved with the squad so they continue to have a positive experience in the Oregon City program.

Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Larger Gym

When you make a deep tournament run, your team typically is playing in larger gyms and arenas. Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf make sure his squad gets some practice time in a different gym in the days leading up to a state tournament game.

Oregon City High School Girls Basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf Motivation

Tips for staying motivated when facing an opponent who may not be on the same talent level as your squad.

Kurt Gulesdorf, Oregon City High School Coach, talks about his Pre-Game Preparations Pre-Game Preparations

Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf gets his team mentally prepared for their upcoming opponent (a second round matchup against West Salem), including Xs and Os, as well as important insights into their previous game play.

Making halftime adjustments during a high school basketball game Halftime Adjustments

Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf gets his team back on track during halftime of the state consolation finals, adjusting defense and making suggestions for the offense.

Post-game wrap-up made by coach Kurt Guelsdorf of Oregon City High School Post-Game Wrap Up

Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf talks about the importance of working together and battling through the elements. That, he says, makes him most proud of his team after his squad's state consolation victory.

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