‘Gold’ continuity offense hits the jackpot From Andy Wood, Former Head Boys Coach Blanchester High School Blanchester Ohio

The “Gold” continuity offense has been extremely effective for our teams because of the offensive options it combines within our normal structured continuity (a backscreen followed by a staggered screen for a jump-shot opportunity).

Aside from basic offensive fundamentals there are only 3 main rules for the Gold Continuity Offense.

  1. During any staggered screening action the first screener clears to the opposite corner and the second screener steps out for ball reversal.
  2. Cutters off backscreens move on the flight of the ball.
  3. Cutters off staggered screens must be patient and give the backscreener an opportunity to come down and set the first part of the staggered screen.

Diagram 1

DIAGRAM 1: From the initial alignment as shown 4 and 5 L-cut at the elbows and break wide to each wing. 1 passes to 4. 2 cross-screens for 3 who cuts to the ball side. After making the pass 1 sets a downscreen for 2 who curls to the top.

Diagram 2

DIAGRAM 2: 5 dives to the ball-side mid-post area and 1 cuts to the left-wing area. 4 passes to 2 who quickly reverses the ball to 1.

Diagram 3

DIAGRAM 3: As the pass is in the air from 2 to 1 (as shown in Diagram 2) 4 cuts off a backscreen set by 5 and breaks to the opposite mid-post area. 3 V-cuts and breaks to the top coming off staggered screens set by 5 and 2. 1 looks to hit 3 for the shot.

Diagram 4

DIAGRAM 4: 1f 3 isn’t open for the shot 5 runs the baseline and clears to the opposite corner. 2 steps out to the wing. 1 passes to 3 who quickly reverses it to 2.

Diagram 5

DIAGRAM 5: On the reversal pass from 3 to 2 (as shown in Diagram 4) 4 steps out and sets a screen for 1 who cuts to the ball-side mid-post area. 5 V-cuts and curls to the top off staggered screens set by 4 and 3. 2 looks to hit 5.

Diagram 6

DIAGRAM 6: If 5 isn’t open for a shot 4 runs the baseline and cuts to the opposite corner. 3 breaks to the weak-side wing area. 2 passes to 5 who quickly swings the ball to 3.

Diagram 7

DIAGRAM 7: As the reversal pass is in the air from 5 to 3 (as shown in Diagram 6) 1 steps out and sets a backscreen for 2 who uses the screen and cuts to the opposite mid-post area. 4 V-cuts and curls to the top off staggered screens sets by 1 and 5. 3 looks to hit 4 at the top of the key.

Diagram 8

DIAGRAM 8: 4 can shoot or drive. 1 clears to the opposite corner and 5 steps out to receive the ball reversal pass.

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