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Team captains must not be normal

We expect captains to hold teammates accountable and unite players at difficult junctures of the season, but that’s not what makes them remarkable l... more »

Why Won’t College Basketball Coaches Stay off the Court

From The Wall Street Journal College basketball's rules are hard and fast: If a ballhandler goes out of bounds the play is dead. A three-pointer is... more »

10 ways to get the most from your spread zone offense

The spread zone offense picks apart zone defenses by using proper spacing, cuts and passing to maximize your team's potential, even when playing again... more »

Do More To Ensure The Safety Of Referees

We're never going to agree with every call given by our sports referees. But schools and leagues still have a responsibility to ensure their safet... more »

Dropping The ‘Old School’ Mentality

Editor's Note: This column ran in the November/December 2012 issue of Winning Hoops. The demise of Billy Gillispie at Texas Tech University com... more »

There Is No Good In A 105-Point Victory

The Bloomington High School South (Ind.) girls basketball coaches can frame it any way they want, but what they did to Arlington Community High Sc... more »

Monty Williams’ Thoughts On Concussions & Being A Man Are Archaic

Maybe it's because I'm deep in research and interviews for an informative concussion update in the January issue of Coach And Athletic Director ma... more »

Coach Was Correct In Having Player Remove Pink Gear

The headline of "Player Punished For Wearing Pink Gloves" elicits the kind of response you'd expect—outrage, shock and anger. Some fans and parents ... more »

Selling Your Athletes Short With Running As Punishment

What are two of the top complaints about teenagers today? Their command of the English language is suspect at best and they are becoming overweight an... more »

Prevention Is The Best Policy To Police Storming Students

It's March 1995 in downtown Milwaukee, Wis. I'm a freshman at Marquette University, and a group of us head down to the MECCA Arena to watch our recent... more »

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