From the Bench

Keys to developing young post players

Even though post play has been somewhat diminished with the dribble-drive offense and the high screen and roll offensive sets, it's still a skill that... more »

Going his own way

John Hutchcraft isn't much for scheming and play calling. If a player has the ball and they're open, shoot it — it's that simple. Some coaches mi... more »

Leaving your coaching mark on the team

If you're like most coaches, you either dream of the chance to build your own program, have already had that opportunity, or are in the process of suc... more »

Graphics honor past, present athletes at Northwestern Oklahoma

Northwestern Oklahoma State University last year made a number of improvements to its weight room and football facilities, and now other teams want in... more »

Motivational strategies must go beyond words

There's a scene from the movie "Remember the Titans" where coach Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington, leads his team on a grueling morning run. ... more »

There’s no harm in dreaming big

Very few of you have ever had the luxury of coaching a future NBA star. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against young athletes, and regardless of ... more »

Offense or defense: What gives teams the best chance to win?

"Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships." How many times have you seen that line on the back of a summer camp T-shirt? NBA world champio... more »

Finding the Right Fit

Coaches dedicate countless hours conducting repetitive drills designed to improve their team performance, but most don't give a second thought to the ... more »

Still Waiting for the Shot Clock Rule

Waiting for the shot clock rule in high school basketball reminds me of an old saying amongst us Chicago Cubs fans: there's always next year.Each spri... more »

The Philosophy of Drills: 23 rules to guide practices

Every team must practice to prepare for their games. And what takes place in practice can and will make the difference in whether that team fails or s... more »

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