From the Bench

11 myths about free-throw shooting

College teams average about 68 percent and professional players are all the way up to a whopping 72 percent. That means that there is only about a ... more »

‘Fanorak’ Promotes Fan Attendance

Athletic director Ryan Anderson has big, interactive ideas about growing high school fan support. And with the help of a few of his students at Menomo... more »

Training Never Ends

Across the country, countless players have been putting in work to prepare for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, coaches are eager to see how all the pi... more »

Managing the final minutes with a lead

Sooner or later every team faces a single "moment of truth." A close game a slim lead a minute on the clock and possession of the ball combine to c... more »

How scripts can help basketball coaches

There are not many things that transfer from the gridiron to the basketball court. But using a script at the start of a game quarter or half is someth... more »

Dealing with parents and playing time issues

Parents and the problems they cause due to their children's playing time is the No. 1 issue coaches face. While the vast majority of parents are go... more »

Culture is king when building a successful program

I've had some amazing opportunities over the last 10 years working with some of the best people players and organizations in the world. And as I write... more »

Laying the foundation for a successful program

Whether you're taking over a successful program or a team that has seen better days, it's important to consider how to build a strong foundation when ... more »

Halftime adjustments to spark your team

Rarely do you find a basketball game that plays exactly the same from the first half to the second. Teams go into the locker room at halftime, and mak... more »

Get running with the secondary break

When your team is a fast-breaking team, it's critical for your players to run the break automatically without being told to "run!" Even when the prima... more »

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