From the Bench

Creating a summer open-gym regimen that gets results

Offseason open-gym workouts — in which specific skill areas are focused on — have proven critical in preparing our teams for the following season.... more »

Player surveys take your program forward

As the season draws to a close, a coaching staff’s first job is to assess how it wants to improve the program before next year. But you can’t do t... more »

Building genuine relationships with athletes

Genuine relationship building takes time, and coaches today have to make a conscious decision to forge these relationships with their players. The ... more »

Setting expectations on and off the court

The accomplishments of your players on the basketball court only represent half the battle. Part of a coach’s job is to help players develop charact... more »

How varsity coaches can help their junior high counterparts

Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens. Expectations — great or otherwise — are what every high school varsity basketball coach ... more »

The 12 attributes of elite point guards

Great point guard play is easy to recognize, but can be difficult to define. You can talk about John Stockton, Magic Johnson and Chris Paul, and every... more »

Making time for skill development in practice

At the beginning of the season, you have many different things you must implement into your basketball practices, and unless you are fortunate enough ... more »

Column: A challenge to get better every day

One year ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to read 25 books by the end of 2017. It was an ambitious goal, and one that came with a high probabilit... more »

Scouting the opposition

Tips for gathering and dissecting information that matters Scouting is agonizing for some coaches and simple for others, but the process of identifyi... more »

Psychologically healing injured athletes

Because of the high demands placed on elite athletes, injury is virtually inescapable. With increasing early sport specialization comes a particular ... more »

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