July/August 2018

A proven system for evaluating team performance and chemistry

I coached high school basketball for 18 years, and I always believed one of the biggest challenges was acquiring information to make good decisions. As any experienced leader knows, you need honest fe... more

Concepts to improve free-throw shooting

A common question is, “How do you become a better free-throw-shooting team?” One method is to work with each player individually on his or her shooting form and mental approach at the line. This c... more

Fundraisers that produce big returns with small investments

Time is a precious commodity. It’s something everyone could use more of each day, and coaches are no exception. Coaches spend several hours each day doing various ancillary tasks associated with coa... more

How coaches should defend their opponents

Some teams have exclusively used man-to-man defense for several years. Other squads may employ a 2-3 zone year-in and year-out. Why? Have you ever analyzed why coaches use the defenses that they do? ... more

Learning to lose with dignity

A universal truth in the world of coaching is that nobody like to lose. But how coaches handle losing says a lot about their program, their culture and their core philosophy. You hear the clichés ... more

Slipping the ball-screen bolsters offenses

With the popularity of dribble-drive offenses, slipping the ball-screen has become a large component of many man-to-man offenses. There are similarities between pick-and-pop and slipping-the-screen... more

Utilize outstanding guards with this play

“Panther” is a great play when you have two outstanding guards. DIAGRAM 1: This shows the box alignment we use to initiate the play. As 1 dribbles across half-court, 5 downscreens for 4, who brea... more

What it means to be a coach

What does it mean to be a coach? How about a good coach for that matter? Coaching is different than any other teaching job. You often have time to build relationships with players that can be meani... more

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