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Study: Specialization before age 12 increases risk of injury

A study conducted by Emory Sports Medicine recommends that young athletes should not specialize in sports before age 12, train more hours per week the... more »

Arizona could allow year-round access by high school coaches

Arizona's athletic association this week will vote whether to ease restrictions on access for high school coaches, allowing them year-round interactio... more »

N.C. legislator: Parents will not be allowed to return concussed children to games

A controversial proposal in North Carolina that would have allowed parents to clear their concussed children for action was the result of a typo, a st... more »

Maryland concussion bill seeks suspensions for coaches

A proposal in Maryland seeks mandatory suspensions for high school coaches who knowingly put a concussed athlete back into a game. State law alrea... more »

Alabama bill would cap salaries for high school coaches

An Alabama lawmaker has proposed a bill that would cap high school coaching salaries, which have soared over the six-figure mark in recent years. ... more »

N.J. coach suspended for allegedly housing six players

A New Jersey high school basketball coach is under investigation after state officials apparently discovered as many as six of his players living at ... more »

College of Charleston found using ‘improper basketballs’

The Colonial Athletic Association has reversed the outcome of two College of Charleston women's basketball games after discovering the team used "impr... more »

Study: Team sports athletes live happier lives

A new study by the London School of Economics has found that team sports boost long-term happiness in addition to personal health. Researchers from... more »

Coach who confronted fan during game won’t return to team

A Pennsylvania high school basketball coach who confronted a fan during a game last week will not be allowed to return to the team. Strong Vincent ... more »

PA HS coach suspended after in-game altercation with fan

A Pennsylvania high school basketball coach has been suspended after going into the stands during a game to confront a boisterous fan. Strong Vince... more »

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