1-4 low baseline inbound From Nathan Foster, Normal Community High School, Illinois

1-4 low baseline inbound diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: From a 1-4 low set with 1 inbounding the ball on the baseline, 4 cuts up the lane line and receives the pass from 1. 5 cuts to the opposite elbow and receives a pass from 4.

1-4 low baseline inbound diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: 1 steps in under the basket and waits for a double-screen from 2 and 4. 5 has the ball on the elbow. 3 is still positioned in the ball-side corner.

1-4 low baseline inbound diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: 1 curls or flares around the double-screen, depending on how the defense reacts. 5 passes to 1 for a shot attempt.

1-4 low baseline inbound diagram 4DIAGRAM 4: If the defense cheats, 4 can slip the screen and duck into the lane. 5 looks to hit 4 in the lane for a high-percentage shot.

1-4 low baseline inbound diagram 5DIAGRAM 5: If neither 2 or 4 were open for a decent shot, 5 looks to hit 3 making a V-cut from the ball-side corner. 3 can shoot or look to hit 4 posting up on the low block.

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