AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Fast Break and Secondary Break

Featuring Fran Fraschilla,
International Basketball Analyst for ESPN, former Division I college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John’s University and University of New Mexico), former NABC District II Coach of the Year and MAAC Coach of the Year

Most AAU/youth teams run more breaks than half court sets. Teaching the kids how to run the break is a key component of any offense. Fran Fraschilla highlights the desire for easy, quick, transition opportunities to be the primary focus of any offensive attack. Via both white board and on court interaction, Coach Fraschilla diagrams and demonstrates the court positioning of the players within the primary and secondary fast break set-up.

Coach Fraschilla addresses the questions coaches need to ask themselves as they prepare a plan for their team. What is your rebounding philosophy? Do you need a screen and roll offense? Do you have an extraordinary player that would benefit from isolations? These and other questions are posed and will help any coach develop a plan of attack.

On the technical end, Fraschilla demonstrates his “Fast Breaks” showing you how to win when your team outnumbers the opponent. His “Secondary Break” options seamlessly flow from the fast break and into both set offenses that he shows.

Fast Break
A fast break sets the foundation for any offensive system because it allows you to get easy buckets. Coach Fraschilla demonstrates how to execute layup options for your wing players and for your post player making a rim run. Incorporate his 2-on-1, 3-on-1, and 3-on-2 fast break build up drills to teach your players to shoot first until the defense commits to stopping you.

Secondary Offense
Learn an organized secondary offense that will allow your offense to flow in a systematic way. This system gives your players an organized offense to run – when the fast break is not open – that runs right into a set. Using white board diagrams, Fraschilla walks you through the steps to build a successful secondary break. Being able to flow from transition into an effective set play helps to take advantage of a defense that may not be fully organized.

Basketball is won or lost by getting the easy shoots. An organized fast break allows your players to understand how and where to go to create easier scoring opportunities.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

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