AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Offensive Skill Development Drills

Featuring Fran Fraschilla,
International Basketball Analyst for ESPN, former Division I college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John’s University and University of New Mexico), former NABC District II Coach of the Year and MAAC Coach of the Year

Teach your players how to play the game instead of “play the play.”

In the game of basketball, it is more important to develop your players skills than it is to develop your playbook. Without the skills, your players cannot effectively run and execute your plays. In this offensive drills video, Fran Fraschilla goes into great depth to help you develop well rounded and fundamentally strong basketball players.

Throughout the DVD, Coach Fraschilla demonstrates the drills using three different levels of players. The different age groups help you see the abilities of kids at all ages and what drills work best at each age level. Most of the drills presented, however, can be used with every level and are truly valuable in the development of your team’s offensive skills.

Coach Fraschilla makes the old school new school by bringing back the art of handling the ball – not dribbling but handling the ball. Your players will learn the basic ball handling drills that helped make Pete Maravich one of the greatest ball handlers of all time. By doing these daily Maravich Drills, your players will learn to get a feel for the ball as well as build their control over the basketball. You’ll be able to challenge your players by adding the Nash Passing Series, which will help your players’ develop their hand skills with game-ready passing drills off the dribble.

Build your players confidence in their weak hand and strong hand. Starting with team drills, players learn how to control the ball on the move working on various dribble moves. Drills advanced to two-ball dribbling and incorporate lay-ups to build skill in a pressure situation.

Passing & Cutting
This series will help you to control the ball and space the floor so your players can break down the defense and create good looks at the basket. Coach demonstrates various fundamental passing drills – such as two ball passing and man in the middle – to teach your players how to develop a pass fake and make a strong chest, bounce, or push pass to quickly move the ball to a teammate. Your players will learn to pass under pressure against a defense that is looking for deflections.

Many youth teams develop a habit of catching a pass, then standing still, which brings your offense to a stand still. Coach Fraschilla helps eliminate that problem with two cutting drills to help train your players to cut to the open spot looking to score, and the ability to recognize the cutter in open space and be able to make the pass.

Shooting & Footwork
Practice “game shots from game spots.” Fraschilla starts with drill that gets the entire team involved that generates a lot of shots, in a competitive format the teaches focus, concentration and teamwork under pressure.

Once your players have built their form, Coach shows you the UCLA Drill – a catch and shoot series that teaches your players to use their pivot foot through five different scenarios. The Box Drills are outstanding fundamental drills for building proper footwork and learning how to attack the rim and pull up for an open jumper. Fraschilla offers up layup drills that challenge the players to go at top speed, get fatigued and still make their shots from all different angles. This gives your players the confidence to finish a play at the basket.

Teaching and building skills at a young age is essential for your program. Coach Fraschilla gives you a playbook of offensive drills to build your players from the ground up, which will help build a successful program. This is an incredible source of offensive information packed into one DVD. Any coach or player aspiring to be their best will greatly benefit from this video.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

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