AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Zone Offense and Specials

Featuring Fran Fraschilla,
International Basketball Analyst for ESPN, former Division I college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John’s University and University of New Mexico), former NABC District II Coach of the Year and MAAC Coach of the Year

Using whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstration, Fran Fraschilla opens his offensive playbook and gives you a smorgasbord of ideas to build a potent offense.

Power Set
Coach Fraschilla diagrams and demonstrates a Power Set Play you can use against a man-to-man defense. “Power” yields a lay-up opportunity for a crossing post player, flows directly into your motion offense and easily gets to the ball to your “hot” player. This set has similar actions to your motion offense, which will allow your players to easily memorize and understand the actions.

Zone Offense
If you run into a zone defense, Fraschilla’s continuity zone offense is perfect for you. He diagrams and demonstrates a zone offense that can be utilized against any zone defense because you are constantly attacking the weakest part of the zone: the corner. You will have plenty of scoring options from the short corner, high post, and wing area with this zone continuity motion offense.

In order to beat any zone defense, Coach Fraschilla shows you how to attack the gaps, “move the basket” with the pass, pass fake to move the defense, and overload to create an offensive advantage. He describes in detail how to perfect each zone concept so that your players can still use man-to-man principles to beat any zone defense.

Inbound Plays and Last Second Plays
Complete your offensive playbook with four simple inbound plays that will keep your opponent guessing every time you run them. Each play includes a step-by-step walk through and a counter and will flow right into your basic motion set making the concepts easy for your players to pick up.

In order to give your team a chance to win or tie at the end of the game, Fraschilla demonstrates two last second plays and one counter you can use to get easy shots with little time left on the clock. Whether it’s a full court play or half court sideline play, these specials will give your team the confidence they need to be successful in any situation they face during the season.

This offensive arsenal will prepare your team for anything your opponent throws at you!

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

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