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We would like to introduce you to the Brad Steven’s Ball Screen Playbook. It’s an 81 page playbook that is unlike anything that you have seen before. This playbook will describe the butler ball screen basics, how to utilize the ball screen, teaching points in the offense, and how to utilize your personnel. It has 40 plus ball screen set plays in it.
Brad Stevens has a number of preferred sets he likes to run in order to create open shots. They’re designed to put players in a position to make a play, whether
it’s isolating a big man in the post or giving a guard a driving angle.
Even though he’s only 36-years-old, Brad Stevens has already gained enormous
respect for his coaching peers. I’ll just let the following quotes speak for themselves:
“Coach Stevens is a Hall of Fame coach. He’s just not old enough for you to call him that yet.”-Buzz Williams, Marquette head coach
“He’s an outstanding coach…He’s terrific. It’s a great hire for the Celtics. He’ll have respect. He’s accomplished. Players respect success. He’s had great success right away, so I don’t think he’ll have any problem with the players respecting him. They’ll respect him, they respect excellence; he has it. It’s a terrific hire.”-
Mike Krzyzewski, Duke head coach
“The best young coach I have seen in my time.”-Jim Boeheim, Syracuse head coach
“I’ve gone through seven, eight game tapes of Butler. It’s the best coaching clinic you can have. Their attention to detail, their execution defensively and offensively is textbook.”-Dave Paulsen, Bucknell head coach
If you like ballscreen offense then you will want to make this purchase right now! It’s the best playbook that we have offered here in a while.

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