Best Of The Best DVD Series VIII: Over 50 Game-Winning Quick Hitters

With today’s advanced scouting techniques, coaches need fast and effective ways to find fresh plays that will keep your opponents off-balance and guessing. Coaches also need a vast reservoir of new plays that you can go to in crunch-time situations. In this brand-new DVD, you’ll get the ‘best-of-the-best’ quick-hitting plays that have appeared in the pages of Winning Hoops over 20 years. These game-tested quick hitters were submitted to Winning Hoops by some of the top coaches at the high school, college and professional levels. In over 90 minutes of blackboard-play action, you’ll get highly effective plays such as: ï 1-4 High Quick Hitters ï Quick Hitters Vs. Man Defense ï Angle Box-Set Quick Hitters ï Quick Hitters Vs. Zone Defense ï 1-2-2 Set Play Quick Hitter ï ìPushî Quick Hitter w/Multiple Options ï Quick Hitting Pick-And-Roll Plays ï 3-Point Quick Hitters ï Last-Second Quick Hitters ï Quick Hitter Out Of The Flex ï Quick Hitter For Post Player ï 1-4 Low Quick Hitters ï Quick Hitter For Good Scorer ï Quick Hitting Lob Play ï Inside-Out Quick Hitter ï Quick Hitter For The Point Guard ï Sideline Inbounds Quick Hitter ï 1-3-1 Quick Hitter ï ìCarolinaî Quick Hitter ï And Much, Much More! Over 50 proven quick hitters in all! Each play on this carefully-edited DVD is done in the popular Winning Hoops format of showing and explaining the quick hitter on-screen and in diagram form first and then demonstrating the same play live, on-the-court with players. Expand the boundaries of your playbook ó this is a must-have DVD for coaches at all levels!

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