Best Of The Best DVD Series XI: Over 55 Powerful Plays From The 1-4 High Set

Basketball coaches at all levels of competition love running plays from the versatile 1-4 high set. From this set, you can take on zone or man defense, as well as to disguise initial entries into your continuity offense or just to change things up and keep the opposing defense on its heels. The 1-4 high set makes your team extremely difficult to scout.

In this edition of the Winning Hoops “Best-of-the-Best” series, you’ll get the most successful, high-powered and dynamic plays from the 1-4 high set. The plays were submitting by the finest coaches at the college and high school level and feature the easy-to-follow format where each play is explained in diagram form, followed by live-action on-the-court demonstration by coaches and players.

In over 90 minutes of action, you’ll get quick-hitters, zone busters, last-second plays, backscreens, 3-point shots, lob plays, dribble entries, flex action, pro sets, pick-and-roll plays and more — all run from the versatile 1-4 high offensive set!

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