Ganon Baker’s Ball Skills for Creating Separation

with Ganon Baker, Lead Instructor Nike Skills Academy. Creating separation from defenders is what makes great offensive players. World renowned skills trainer, Ganon Baker, dedicates this DVD to gaining advantage over the defense with footwork, separation and explosive moves. By using ball-handling drills that push players beyond normal comfort zones, Baker instills the value of turnover free play. Learn how average athletes can use angles, screens and misdirection cutting to get free for open shots and scoring opportunities. Twenty drills and a dozen moves with and without the ball form the core of Baker’s instruction. By learning the secrets behind each move your players will become more effective using screens and cutting into the paint to score. Baker believes in building physical strength to maximize potential and shares cutting edge core exercises like the basketball push up and the Rocky drill. Learn the dangerous Euro move that has infiltrated the international basketball world. Not only will your players get more open shots, they will also create separation with the ball using each move. By improving the art of separation your players can become a threat to score on every possession.

77 minutes. 2009.

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P.O. Box 128
Sparta, MI 49345
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