Gap Attack Zone Offense

with Brad Brownell,
Clemson University Head Coach;
former Wright State University Head Coach,
2x Colonial Athletic Association Champion,
2x CAA Coach of the Year, 3 NCAA Tournament appearances
Attack any zone you might face using Brad Brownell’s Gap Attack and Quick Change Zone Offense.

Coach Brownell highlights 10 zone principles. These principles will allow your team to score on any zone defense without having to rely on set plays. Following are a few of Brownell’s principles:

Attack the Gap Position – See how to create gaps in the zone within your shooting range
Quick Change Ball Reversal – Open up shots by moving the defense
Pass Fake and Shot Fake – Use fakes to become a threat and open up teammates
Distort the Zone with the dribble – Give the defense a different looks using the dribble
Brownell shows you how to teach these principles in a manner that will make sense to your players. He utilizes perimeter player drills and post drills to breakdown the principles and make them easier to teach.

Brownell also includes one of his favorite set plays that can be run against a zone or in the continuity of the motion zone offense.

With these principles and drills, you will be able to successfully attack any zone defense you face!

57 minutes. 2010.

75 Applewood Dr. Ste. A
P.O. Box 128
Sparta, MI 49345
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