High Intensity Strength Training Volume 1: Theory and Application

“High Intensity Strength Training Volume 1: Theory and Application” 

“with Michael Bradley, Florida State University Men’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach Michael Bradley has coached for over twenty years at the highest level of college athletics, training athletes at institutions including Stanford University, the University of Miami, and the United States Military Academy.

In Volume I of this strength training DVD series, Coach Bradley explains the theory of high intensity strength training, a system of training that integrates knowledge from the fields of physiology, biology, and physics to create reproducible results for all athletes. He also teaches the applications of the theory in the way he trains the Florida State basketball team. Bradley’s goal is getting results from strength training. Strength is not a skill, but working hard and developing strength is. The work ethic shown in his strength program correlates with the hard work players put in on the court to improve their game. The major point of emphasis is learning to train at the right intensity level. If players are not training intensely enough they will not produce the best results from their training. Bradley is able to maximize their effort and greatly improve their strength in shorter workouts by demanding intense effort and focus from his players. By constantly tracking progress and focusing on the perfect repetition, athletes are able to show strength increases workout to workout. Bradley explains how to get the absolute most out of your players using high intensity strength training techniques. If you need a foundation for your strength and conditioning program or simply just need to perfect the structure, this DVD will teach you the philosophical framework of an extremely successful Division I program.

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