High Intensity Strength Training Volume 2: Exercise Protocols and Techniques

“High Intensity Strength Training Volume 2: Exercise Protocols and Techniques”  

“with Michael Bradley, Florida State University Men’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Strength training and conditioning are an integral part of a great basketball team. By developing strength and muscle off the court, players can maximize their performance and reduce their risk of injury on the court. In this basketball DVD, Michael Bradley takes you into the weight room to see the methods used in his high intensity strength training program.  He walks you through the techniques and terminology of the proper ways to teach these protocols while presenting enumerable coaching points on extracting effort, coaching repetitions, equipment setup, use and design. This DVD addresses three distinct topics.

Pre-Exhaust – In the first segment, Coach Bradley explains a powerful training technique called Pre-Exhaust.  This protocol trains around the weak link of an exercise in order to train the targeted muscles more intensely. By pre-fatiguing certain muscles, it creates a greater training intensity on less used muscles in compound joint exercise. This is such a powerful tool that Bradley says it is used in 30-40% of their routines.

Protocols – This segment focuses on advanced protocols that can be used to create intensity and variety in your routines. Topics addressed are cadence lifting and super slow or low momentum training, to both increase intensity and reduce force levels. These high tension, controlled repetitions are a great technique to train athletes who are coming off of  injuries to get them stronger without rushing them back too quickly. He also demonstrates the even more powerful negative only training and several of its variations, but he advises that only coaches who are very experienced and trained use these techniques in large measures.

Knee Tendonitis – In the third segment he focuses on the knee, one of the most important joints to a basketball player. By working to strengthen the joint as well as the quadriceps, a player has a greater range of motion and a reduced likelihood of severe knee injury.  He also addresses tendonitis, a common injury in basketball players.  Coach Bradley teaches several protocols to strengthen the knee and muscles in this inflamed condition while minimizing the pain of the injury.

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