High Intensity Strength Training Volume 4: Metabolic Conditioning and Manual Resistance Training

“High Intensity Strength Training Volume 4: Metabolic Conditioning and Manual Resistance Training” with Michael Bradley, Florida State University Men’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach. If your team does not have a weight room or sufficient workout equipment, or if you are looking for an advanced training method to increase the intensity of your workouts, this DVD is perfect for you.

Florida State Strength and Conditioning Coach Michael Bradley demonstrates his successful manual resistance program, which greatly enhances your strength and requires very little equipment. In the second segment, you will see metabolic conditioning, a legendary part of Florida State Basketball’s pre-season training. In the final segment, Coach Bradley addresses special considerations for training the important and vulnerable ankle and lower leg.

Manual Resistance Training – Manual resistance training, or partner assisted exercise, is a method of training in which the “spotter” is the one applying the resistance to the person training. This allows any team to train without equipment. Coach Bradley addresses the many subtleties and coaching points that make this a superior technique when applied properly, and a great way to add variety to your workouts.  This type of training is not only great for improving strength, but it instills team values in the athletes by requiring constant coaching and communication between the lifter and the spotter. Metabolic Conditioning – There is cardiovascular fitness and strength, but there is also a third level of training called “metabolic conditioning.” In this extremely intense workout, Bradley takes a player through a strength training workout and a conditioning session combined. The routine is such that the athlete will perform ten strength training exercises interspersed with ten sprints in an 18 to 24 minute period. While viewing this brutally tough workout, keep in mind that all the fundamentals of high intensity strength training must be ingrained in your players beforehand. Metabolic conditioning will only work with a fairly rapid pace, all out sets, and controlled reps. This is the highest level of physical training, and is a great workout for any team that has time restraints; it builds strength, cardiovascular fitness, and metabolic conditioning in one session.  Metabolic conditioning should only be used by athletes who are highly trained. The Ankle and Lower Leg – In the third segment he focuses on the ankle, one of the most injured joints of basketball players. By working to strengthen the joint as well as the lower leg muscles, a player is more resilient to injury and capable of a faster recovery if hurt. Some unique and practical approaches to training this often overlooked part of the body are presented.

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