Hubie Brown: Special Situations, Part I & II

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with Hubie Brown,
Basketball Hall of Fame, NBA Legend

Hubie Brown is respected at the elite levels of the game of basketball. His wisdom, experience and love for the game has always been part of his gift to coaches. In this DVD, he shares time-tested advice to coaches and demonstrates his philosophies on special situations. Coach Brown does not believe in wasting time and wants his shooting drills to fit into his offensive pattern. Shooting drills are done “on the catch” to turn non-shooters into shooting threats. Good chest passes are keys to proper shooting drills. The 30-second shooting drill is an excellent drill for footwork and proper shooting technique. Specific teaching is presented for teaching the jump hook. Brown teaches players to point their shoulder into the number of the opponent when shooting the jump hook. The “Sikma” move revolutionized post play and can be used by all high school coaches. Good post players “feel” the defender first then move accordingly. The jump hook, up & under and step through are all move that Brown teaches. Screening is an important concept and is done either by headhunting or by screening an area. Good players can “separate” themselves from the defender. Pinpoint teaching Brown show you how to screen read the defense and get open for shots. Other teaching points include the bump, shoot the gap, fade and curl. Brown strongly believes that drills should come directly out of your offense. Adding shots by all players in the drill maximizes practice time. Intensity comes from running 2, 3 and 4 minute drills with a focused outcome. Brown asks questions that challenge coaches to think about late game situations and how to use staff meetings. To be prepared for big games, Brown challenges coaches to have strategies against Box &1 and Triangle & 2. A simple attack against these trick defenses will allow your players to execute at critical times. A master of the special play, Brown shows plays from the baseline and sideline to win close games. He demonstrates techniques for guarding the passer to slow down the entry pass. Next, Brown introduces some ideas for the triangle offense. These ideas focus on post play and getting your point guard more scoring opportunities.

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