Texas Tech Offensive/Defensive Playbook

Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Beard took a team that had been labeled as “irrelevant”– posting losing records in five of the previous six seasons before his arrival — and teleported them to their first trip to the final four…accomplishing all this in just two years.

And he did it riding on the back of an overwhelming defense…

Along the way, crushing the no. 2 defense and then defeating the no. 1 offense.

The entire Texas Tech Offensive AND Defensive Playbook just hit my desk!

All 7 sections and 107 pages of it!

And now you can study the magic behind this impressive turn around for yourself.

Got a program that needs some defensive work?

Here’s your game plan.

It breaks down like this…

Half Court Motion Offense
Half Court Man Offense-Sets
Half Court Zone Offense
Half Court Man Defense
Offensive Drills
Defensive Drills
(I can tell you that the 5 pages of Defensive Drills at the end of this playbook are worth the price of admission!)

Listen, let’s be brutally honest here…I’ve never met a team who COULDN’T use some help of defense.

So, doesn’t it make sense to go directly to the top of the heap?

I does to me.

See you courtside,

Scott “always on the defensive” Peterman

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Sparta, MI 49345
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