The 94-Foot Motion Offense

Coach Brey shares the offensive system that has helped his teams become potent, high scoring clubs. He focuses on early offense that flows from the full court into half court offense without hesitation. Brey calls this system “Full Court Motion” and the key is to put the pressure on the defense at all times. Audibles are used in the flow of transition. “Cross” is an audible that swings the wings as post players set screens for them. “Shaping up” is a key teaching point for post players after they screen in transition. This action presents four possible passing options for the point guard. The “shallow audible” will free up a shooter by screening for him with both post players. Against zone defense, the “circle audible” is very effective. The point guard can call for a high ball screen by a post as the ball is being advanced. This system can be coordinated on the floor by the players as they push the ball down the floor. In the half court, Brey demonstrates several entries into motion offense. Entries include loop, two, two cross and six. Full court motion is versatile, adaptable and unpredictable. By using audibles in transition, each possession is unique and plays to the strengths of your team!

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