The Encyclopedia of the Triangle Offense

with Tex Winter,
Innovator of the Triangle Offense;
former Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach
Tex Winter has seen and done it all in the world of basketball! Winter doesn’t stake claim as the Triangle Offense’s “inventor,” but takes tremendous pride in being the Triangle’s greatest innovator. In 60 years with the offense, he has developed and modified it to fit many different coaching challenges. The Triangle is assembled piece by piece in this landmark DVD. The Triangle is introduced by Coach Winter’s exploration of his seven principles of a sound offense. Tex states that offensive rebounding and defensive balance is a vital part of this offense. Penetration, spacing, ball & player movement, and utilizing individual talents are other highlighted principles. The “Learning the Offense” segment is a template for teaching the offense to young or new players. Tex shares his well-earned wisdom with his six “Good Coaching” concepts. An organized, well-spaced fast break precedes the half court Triangle action. Proper teaching of all five spots is required. “The Moment of Truth” occurs when the defense exerts pressure in the backcourt as they attempt to slow down the fast break. Winter uses on-court players to demonstrate the offense. A featured breakdown drill is the pinch drill, which incorporates shooting, pinch action and two-man game action. Winter dedicates a section of teaching to playing against pressure. Players are instructed specific tasks as they work as a team to get the ball up the floor against pressing teams. Terminology in the Triangle Offense is very important. Terminology and teaching points in this DVD include weak side guard fill, Blind Pig, Squeeze action, Change-up, fan pass, speed cut, lag pass, inside reverse pivot, front turn, baseline reverse pivot, baseline cuts, playing without the ball, 2-man game, screen and roll, dribble hand-off, two-pass post, Dribble entry, Two pass, Four pass, 1st, 2nd, 3rd cutters. Tex Winter “teaches the Triangle Offense” better than anyone in the history of the game of basketball. This DVD will allow you to learn step-by-step the elements that make up this powerful and versatile offense. Your players can learn to make the same reads, cuts and shots as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant did in their Tex Winter-influenced NBA careers. Join the legions of coaches worldwide that win consistently with this one-of-a-kind basketball offense. No DVD can or ever will rival this complete examination of the famous Triangle Offense.

295 minutes. 2006.

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Sparta, MI 49345
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