Ohio University dresses up arena with graphics

Ohio University's Convocation Center was built more than 45 years ago, but few would ever suspect it. Over the last decade the venue has been upgraded... READ MORE »

Still Waiting for the Shot Clock Rule

Waiting for the shot clock rule in high school basketball reminds me of an old saying amongst us Chicago Cubs fans: there's always next year.Each spri... READ MORE »

Building Your Brand

How important is brand awareness to your athletic department? Take a look at the response rate of your last fundraising initiative. Think of your b... READ MORE »

Offense or defense: What gives teams the best chance to win?

"Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships." How many times have you seen that line on the back of a summer camp T-shirt? NBA world champio... READ MORE »

Louisville Wants To Retain Pitino Through 2022

Louisville Courier-Journal READ MORE »

Prep Coaches Ousted Over Privacy Violation

Duluth News Tribune, Jana Hollingsworth The contract of Duluth East boys baske... READ MORE »

‘Slice-Cut’ continuity motion offense carves up defenses

This four-option continuity motion offense that we call the "Slice Cut" has provided our team with excellent scoring opportunities against man-to-man ... READ MORE »

Simple, man-to-man offense drives defenses crazy

This is a man-to-man offense we use when we aren't getting much out of our regular motion offense. It's a 5-man structured motion that utilizes the... READ MORE »


Learning the Single-Post Continuity Offense

The Single-Post Continuity Offense is a motion offense designed to create mismatches and get the ball inside to the post. The post player moves from b... READ MORE »

Time-tested rules for defending screens

Most motion offenses today include a variety of picks (screens) to free the ball or players to the basket. These screens include on-the-ball screens, ... READ MORE »

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