Same-set isolation series capitalizes on mismatches

Exploiting match-ups is an extremely important component of any successful offense. One way our team takes advantage of matchups is through an isolati... READ MORE »

Time-tested rules for defending screens

Most motion offenses today include a variety of picks (screens) to free the ball or players to the basket. These screens include on-the-ball screens, ... READ MORE »

Set plays, proven tips to keep defenses off balance

We've developed a system for naming our set plays against specific defenses and situational inbound plays — both side court, and under the basket ... READ MORE »

Running the 1-2-1-1 zone press

It's very important for coaches to allow their players the opportunity to have fun while trying to accomplish team objectives. I've never met a player... READ MORE »

Reggie Miller’s ‘Shooting-Off-The-Dribble’ workout

Each player starts with a spin out and catch on the perimeter anywhere from 15 feet to 3 or 4 feet outside the arc using the whole court. The players ... READ MORE »

S.O.S. — Save our sportsmanship

The state of sportsmanship in today's athletic culture is at an all-time low. Headlines regarding embarrassing or unethical behavior and shameful viol... READ MORE »

Swing offense 101: Swinging your offense to a scoring tune

The swing offense utilizes pieces from several offensive strategies. I developed it from parts of other offenses over the eight years spent scouting o... READ MORE »

Don’t let zone defenses get you down — beat them

Coaches typically go to a zone defense for one of three reasons: The opponent doesn't have good outside shooters. The opponent's man offense c... READ MORE »

Options in the 1-2-2 zone keep offenses on the ropes

Changing your defenses during the course of a game can be very effective. I have found a 1-2-2 zone can be modified on the fly by making calls from th... READ MORE »

Developing consistency throughout all levels of your program

It's a must for varsity coaches to take an active part in developing players during their early years of competitive play. This gives all players a he... READ MORE »

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