Oregon City – Halftime Adjustments during state consolation final game

Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf gets his team back on track during halftime, adjusting defense and making suggestions for the offense.... watch »

Oregon City Girls Basketball – Game Management

Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf doesn't substitute his players during games - he leaves that responsibility to his top assistant. This allows him to f... watch »

Oregon City Basketball – Motivation

Tips for staying motivated when facing an opponent who may not be on the same talent level as your squad.... watch »

Oregon City Basketball – Keeping A Hurt Player Involved With The Team

Don't let a season-ending injury ends a player's off-the-court season. Kurt Guelsdorf keeps his injured players actively involved with the squad so... watch »

Oregon City Basketball – Sharing The Ball

Players in the Oregon City system do a fantastic job making the extra pass. Hear how coach Kurt Guelsdorf encourages this practice and how his play... watch »

Oregon City Girls Basketball – Full-Court Pressure

Oregon City plays a highly active, disruptive, intense full-court defense. When the team builds a large lead, head coach Kurt Guelsdorf has to deci... watch »

Oregon City Girls Basketball – Practice Plans

Your practice plan changes on a daily basis. Find out what Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf runs through during practice the day prior to a game.... watch »

Oregon City Girls Basketball – Practicing In Larger Gym

When you make a deep tournament run, your team typically is playing in larger gyms and arenas. Oregon City's Kurt Guelsdorf make sure his squad get... watch »

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